Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Numbers Don't Lie

Good news to report: I got the results of my blood tests back after the first week of chemo, and my two tumor markers--alpha Fetoprotein (AFP) and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)--are dropping. So, the evidence is strong that the chemo is doing more than just turning me into a naked mole rat.

Also dropping, unfortunately, are my white blood cells, which apparently are important in fighting off germs and bacteria. That means some changes for me: I'm carrying a little bottle of Purell and squirting it on anything and anyone I come in contact with, I'm not driving on any roads where there's a Taco Bell, and I'm no longer honoring the "Five Second Rule" (although truthfully, I've always stretched it to more of a "Five Minute Rule," especially if the fallen object was candy. Or bacon.)

In other news, with some help from my buddy John, I've got all of the comics done that are going to go in my second book, That Hidden Road. There are about 35 pages all together that will be intercut with the larger narrative, and I may post some of these pages here if there's any interest. That, by the way, is my non-subtle invitation to any readers out there to express some interest.


  1. So glad to hear that the chemo is kicking in, Rocco! Yes, please post some pages from your new book! Sending hugs!

  2. Cool! Good to hear. Looking forward to the new book.

  3. Awesome news Rocco! Don't worry about the hair...the general rule of thumb is its going to come back in stronger than ever! And sometimes a different texture or color has been known to make an appearance...keep up the good fight!
    Oh and I'm expressing more than a little interest in that new book....still waiting for my autographed copy!

  4. Loving these blog entries. Yay for lowered tumor markers (and 10,000 views--seems like people are interested). Yes, please post drawings.